Short Courses - (Management Development Skills)

001Production and Operations Management
002Managerial Leadership Skills
003Stores Management & Inventory Control
004Internal Control and   Managing Public Expenditure
005Results-Based Monitoring & Evaluation
006Human Resource Management
007Customer Care and Sales skills
008Project Proposal Writing Skills
009Financial Management for Non-Finance Executives
010Customer Relationship Management
011Administrative Management Skills
012Records Keeping and Information Management
013Fraud Prevention, Detection & Internal Controls
014Occupational Safety and Health Programme
015Supervisory Management
016Basic Computer Skills for office managers
017Accounting System Set-up
018SME Management/Entrepreneurship Skills Training
019Logistics and Supply Chain Management
020Leadership Skills for Effective Public Service
021Leadership and Change Management
022The Managerial and Behavioral Approach to Corporate Performance Management
023Governance and Ethical Leadership
024Designing Human Resource Management Policies
025Management Development Programme for Executive Officers
026Supervisory Skills for Executive Officers
027Managing The Training & Development Department
028Management of SACCOS and Microfinance Institutions
029Credit Risk Analysis and Risk Management
030Internal Audit and Risk Control
031Financial Management for Donor Funded Projects
032Effective Reporting and Minute Writing
033Public Relation and Customer Care
034Project Planning and Management
035Public Procurement Process
036Project Monitoring and Evaluation
037Procurement Negotiation & Contract Management
038Occupational Safety & Health Management
039HIV/AIDS, Counselling and Guidance
040Protocol and Events Management